ATBP | Today X Future!

If I could be honest with myself, I would likely be quitting everything today, resigning from my job, selling my house, stocks, everything, and start living the rest of my life traveling until I ran out of money or there was nowhere else to go. But then again, I’m excited to see what kind of future I’m making for myself, despite all the ups and downs, the highlights and low-lights of the current setup.

Notre Dame Cathedral | Lakbay Xiomai - Vietnam

I don’t actually have a plan or anything, I decide on things according to the present circumstance and just hope that everything’s going to be fine at the end of the day. I don’t know where this approach will lead me, but I’m excited to see if I will be able to make a difference or at least make it there. I’m excited but tremendously scared to make a wrong move, so I just play safe, probably until I get there–to the future.

The thing is, I don’t know when the “future” happens. Or when I will stop making this and that for it. Will I even learn to stop or know if I’m already in this future I’m referring to today? I don’t know. Perhaps I’ll just have to wait for it to surprise me with whatever it has in store for me. What’s clear to me today is: I’m not planning on quitting anything, and being honest is not in my vocabulary at the moment. So, bring it on…?


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