ESCAPAIDS | Cagbalete Island in Mauban, Quezon

Last summer, my friends and I went to a beach in Quezon for our summer outing. We listed down a number of beaches we could go to for the said outing and after a month of deliberation, we finally reached to a decision–we were going to Cagbalete Island in Mauban, Quezon! Well, mainly because of the following factors:

  1. Cheaper – when your budget isn’t any higher than P2,500;
  2. Fresher – well, not too many people have been to the place;
  3. Nearer – the Quezon province is some 4 hours away from Manila.

Lakbay Xiomai - How to Get There: Cagbalete Island, Mauban, Quezon

Assuming that you are commuting from Metro Manila:

  • Ride a bus (JAC Liner) from Kamias, Cubao going to Mauban.
    The bus usually leaves at 5AM but departs as soon as it is filled. We left at 4am.
  • Alight at the Mauban Bus Terminal and ride a tricycle going to Mauban Port.
    We arrived at 8am and did some shopping at the market.
    NOTE: Tricycles accommodate up to 3 passengers only despite the abundance of seats. 🙂
  • Ride a boat from Mauban Port to Sabang Port in Cagbalete (vv). This will take 45 minutes to one hour. There are two options:
    1. Hire a private boat (prices are from P2000, back and forth)
    2. Ride a passenger boat. Please mind the following schedule:
    – Mauban – Cagbalete : 10 am & 3:30 pm
    – Cagbalete – Mauban : 7:30 am & 1 pmWe hired a private boat to take us to Cagbalete Island. We left Mauban Port at 10am and arrived at Villa Noe at 11am.

    NOTE: If you opt to take a passenger boat, please be advised that you will need to walk from the Sabang Port to your resort. In our case, from Sabang Port to Villa Noe Beach Resort, it is a 30- to 45-minute walk. Not bad if you do not carry a lot of things (like food from Mauban market). While when hiring a private boat, the boat will bring you in front of your resort–it is only possible though when the tide (or water) is high which allows the boats to sail near the shore. Otherwise, the boat can only bring you to where it can dock and you will have to walk your way toward your resort. Please read >>
  • Ride a tricycle from Mauban Port to the terminal of passenger vans or buses going to Lucena.
    We left Mauban at around 8am and arrived in Lucena at around 9am. We had brunch in the terminal and finally left Lucena between 930am and 10am.
  • Ride a bus from Lucena Grand Terminal  going to Cubao.
    We arrived in Cubao at around 1pm or 2pm.

Fare Breakdown

  • Bus from Cubao to Mauban – P277.00 each
  • Tricycle going to Mauban Port – P200 / 5 pax or P50 each or pay *P10 / person (usual rate)
  • Private Boat – P2000 / 5 pax (back and forth) or P400 each
    Alternatively, you can ride a passenger boat at Mauban Port, which is cheaper at P50 / person one way.
  • Tricycle from Mauban port to the van terminal going to Lucena – P20 each
  • Van to Lucena Grand Terminal – P50 each
  • Bus from Lucena Grand Terminal  to Cubao – P218 each

    GRAND TOTAL (Per Person) | 
    P1015 (Private Boat) OR P715 (Passenger Boat)
    NOTE: Less P40 from the Grand Total if paying the *usual rate for the tricycle.

Other Expenses

  • Terminal and Environmental Fees at Mauban Port – P50 / person
  • Beach Resort Entrance fee – P50 / person
  • Tent pitching at Villa Noe Beach Resort – P250 per tent (x 2 tents, P500 / 5 pax or P100 each)
  • Food, etc – P1500 / 5 pax or P300 each for 2 days, 1 night

    GRAND TOTAL (Per Person) | P500
    (given that you also have your own tent)

So for five people, a budget of around P1500 to P2000 per person is just enough for a 2-days-1-night stay in Cagbalete Island. Sapat na yun, pwera na lang kung ma-stranded din kayo katulad namin. Haha!

Enjoy kayo! Sana mapa-I Heart Cagbalete rin kayo!

(Travel Costs as of April 2015.)


13 Comments Add yours

  1. Ispam says:

    Hi!ask ko lang po if you have contact number ng boat na inarkila nio.☺ balak nmn pumunta sa april 3.thanks in advance!😊

    1. iamxiomai says:

      Hi Ispam!

      Unfortunately, wala akong number nung private boat na na-hire namin. Wala na rin sa friend ko na kausap nung may-ari ng boat. Doon sa Mauban port lang naman din kami naghanap ng boat–M/B El John ang name nung boat na na-hire namin.

      Anyway, thank you so much for dropping by! 🙂

  2. Kathleen Marinas says:

    hi i just wanna ask if we could set up own tent anywhere pagdating sa cagbalete basta we paid beach entrance fee?

    1. iamxiomai says:

      Hi Ms kathleen,
      I doubt if possible yun. Sa resort na pinuntahan namin, you have to pay for a tent pitching fee (usually P50 per tent). You can contact your resort regarding this. 🙂


  3. JM says:

    Hi, Xiomai!

    Just wanted to ask why you guys got stranded, and for how long. We’re working on a tight schedule kasi, so it’s useful to know why.

    Also, does the 10AM passenger boat have a high capacity? Can’t afford to not get seats cause a private boat is just too pricey.

    Thank you!

    1. iamxiomai says:

      Hello JM! Sorry sa late response. Anyway, we got stranded kasi may paparating daw na bagyo that time (April 2015). Regarding sa passenger boat, I guess more or less 60 pax ang kaya. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Mich says:

    Hello! What time kaya last trip ng (private) boats from Mauban? Thank you.

    1. iamxiomai says:

      Hello, Mich! Depende siguro sa usapan ninyo ng owner ng private boat na iha-hire ninyo. Pero most likely, depende rin yun sa weather. 🙂

  5. Beah Battung says:

    Hi! accurate ba yung 10-3pm passenger boat nila from mauban-cagbalete? hapon pa kasi kami makakrating ng mauban port e. Thank you! 🙂

    1. iamxiomai says:

      Hello Beah! Yes, kailangan nila sundin yung schedule. Pero para sure, best na nandun na kayo nang mas maaga pa sa 3pm para makahabol sa passenger boat. You have to consider din na first come, first served. 🙂

      Tip lang din, contact your resort din para sa mas updated schedule. 🙂

  6. Beah Battung says:

    Okay po sir. Thank you so much sa info 🙂

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